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Need a speaker for your next parent-teacher evening, open day, youth camp, or employee workshop? Perhaps you would like an introduction presentation on one of the skills development courses? Then let's arrange a 90 minutes slot presentation. It is also a great introduction to the courses on offer. Below are some of the topics that I've covered:



Topics include:

  • Become aware of your important needs, feelings, and goals.

  • Express ideas, feelings, and needs in a clear non-blameful way.

  • Overcome or reduce fear and anxiety.

  • Handle values differences to keep relationships from being damaged or fractured.

  • Set goals and make plans for achievement.

  • The working mom's parenting talk.


Topics include:

  • How to handle my child’s emotions.

  • How to talk so that my children will listen.

  • How to discipline and handle sibling rivalry.


Topics include:

  • How to handle a child’s emotions in the classroom.

  • How to talk so that my children in my class will listen to me.

  • How to discipline and handle friend rivalry.


Topics include:

  • How to become aware of essential needs.

  • How to talk about needs, concerns, and problems without blaming others.

  • How to make and keep friends.

  • How to relate to people who are different from you.

  • How to resolve conflict with friends, family, and others instead of arguing and fighting.

  • How to develop an action plan for meeting their important goals.


Topics include:

  • You can have a family where everybody wins.

  • My identity in Christ.

  • Are you scared, guilty, or feeling no-worth? 

  • My journey with cancer. 

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