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Remember what it was like being a teenager?


Growing up comes with all sorts of challenges. Teenagers are struggling to find out who they are, to succeed in school, to find out what will give them feelings of personal achievement and high self-esteem. They’re trying to make friends, to fit in and to get along with their parents and teachers.


Youth Effectiveness Training (Y.E.T.) can help them by offering them both basic personal development skills as well as relationship skills—skills they can use in all areas of their lives and for a lifetime.


Y.E.T. is a unique and fun youth course created by award-winning psychologist Dr Thomas Gordon, a three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee.


Our goal is to teach youth very practical communication and conflict resolution skills to help them develop themselves socially and emotionally.


How to become aware of their important needs.

How to talk straight about their needs, concerns, and problems without blaming others.

How to make and keep friends.

How to resolve conflicts with friends, family, and others instead of arguing and fighting.

How to relate to people who are different from them.


Understand themselves and others better.

Develop skills that they can use in all their relationships and throughout their lives.

Meet their own needs and goals and overcome fears that block them.

Learn how to confront bullies and stand up for others who are being bullied.

Less stress and tension in their lives both at home and at school.

If Y.E.T. sounds like the right programme for you, then please drop me a message via our contact us form or send an email to and I will put you in touch with a certified instructor near you.

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